Collection: À La Collection

In 2013 our journey started in India. During our trip we came across some hidden gems. We got inspired by the locals and wanted to share their many talents and craftsmanship.
We have decided to make unique products together with the local craftsman. This started on a very small scale with products that inspired us to be produced by local artisans, under fair working conditions. We sell handmade products and unique finds, which all tell their own story .. All with their own story. We felt the need to adopt and share their treasures.

We design with one motive in mind: how do we feel and how can we share it? We do not limit our creativity to one category of products. Our travels inspire our designs of jewelery, interior accessories and everyday objects - with a twist!

À la tells stories about people, products and cultures. The need to travel, to discover and meet peers all over the world. À la is curious and is therefore always looking for unique pieces with a special story that will create new memories for you.