About Favorites

How nice that you ended up on my webshop!
Favorites is a webshop full of all my favorite items in the field of home accessories, jewelry and gifts. I hope you get as excited about all the items as I do. 
The idea arose a long time ago when I myself was looking for nice home accessories for the home a number of times and could not find everything in one store. I found it very difficult to combine different items from different brands if I couldn't see it together. Then there are those times when I wanted to buy new jewelry, but for example was not sure which earrings would go well together and then in the end just did not succeed. 
Not to mention the perfect gift for friends and family. The eternal question 'what should we buy for him or her'? 
In this webshop you will find everything clearly divided over the different categories and there will also be a weekly changing 'Lookbook' page where you can find matching items. All the above 'problems' solved at once!
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